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Electrical Engineering Consultant

Electricity Network Design to make supply available to subdivisions, Large Commercial and Industrial Customers.

Authorised Person & Switching Recipient

Accredited to monitor construction and maintenance in proximity to the Electricity Distribution Network.

Public Lighting Engineering Consultant

Street lighting Design for pathway, bikeways, roadway and transport corridors that comply with AS/NZS 1158 Standards.

about our company

Auspower Connect is a dynamic Electrical Engineering Consultancy that provides a range of services to the development and construction industry. Our Vision is to be the preferred supplier of Electricity Distribution Network Planning and Design Services for customers who demand outstanding service in a competitive and timely manner.

John Mckenna
Company Director / Electrical Engineering Consultant

  • Total Resource Commitment
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Public Lighting
  • Telecommunication Pit & Pipe Design

Our Team

Subdivision Design

Overhead, underground and streetlight components to be incorporated into the network.

Streetlight Design

Street lighting components including overhead and underground (Rate 2 & Rate 3 schemes).

Large Customer Connections

Substation Design, Conduit and Pit Design for Large Electrical Connections, including technical support during construction.

Telecommunications Pit & Pipe Design

Pit and Pipe Designs that comply with Telecommunications Industry Guideline G645:2017 avoiding coordination issues and unnecessary delays.

Authorised Person

Monitor and instruct personnel within the exclusion zone of the Distribution Network – Electricity Safety Regulation 2013.

Authorised Switching Recipient

Authorised Switching Recipient services under the Queensland Electricity Entity SAHV Procedures.

our clients

Small Commercial Developers that require guidance through the electricity network design process and project administration process.

Large Commercial Developers that are seeking a new consultant to produce high quality designs and project administration to minimise variations and construction coordination issues during construction.

Local Government Authority that seek electrical consultants to produce high quality design products to minimise variations and construction coordination issues.
Transport and Main Roads - Partner with industry colleagues to undertake medium and large Public Lighting projects for road safety and traffic improvement schemes.

let's work together

Our Electrical Engineers review the project brief and/or council decision notice, assess development footprint and proposed works, consider statutory authority requirements, coordinate with other services, evaluate electricity network capacity, develop a concept plan and detailed design for electricity reticulation.

With many years of Electrical Engineering experience, we provide a wealth of expertise and knowledge to ensure that our customers receive outstanding service in a safe and professional manner.