Auspower Connect complies with ENERGEX, Statutory Authority and Local Authority requirements to provide positive results and solutions.


Work Category Specification WCS 47.1 Subdivision Design
Overhead, underground and streetlight components to be incorporated into the network.

Work Category Specification WCS 47.3 Streetlight Design
Street lighting components including overhead and underground (Rate 2 & Rate 3 schemes).

Work Category Specification WCS 47.6 Large Customer Connections
Substation Design, Conduit and Pit Design for Large Electrical Connections, including technical support during construction and coaching for compliance.

Telstra & NBN Pit and Pipe Design and Telecommunication Agreements
Pit and Pipe Designs that comply with Telecommunications Industry Guideline G645_2011 avoiding coordination issues and unnecessary delays.

Authorised Person
Monitor and instruct personnel within the exclusion zone of the Distribution Network – Electricity Safety Regulation 2013.

Authorised Switching Recipient
Authorised Switching Recipient services under the Queensland Electricity Entity SAHV Procedures.


Auspower Connect has a Safe System of Work that ensures all work is performed to meet safety, environmental and legal responsibilities in accordance with Queensland Work Place Health and Safety Legislation and Queensland Electrical Safety Legislation.